Welcome to website on the Czadrow area. Here you will find reports from interesting places and events in this region. This area is situated in Poland in Kamienna Gora borough in Lower Silesia county.

Czadrow is a long, loosely built village in Northern part of Krzeszowska Hollow. It is spread over 3,5 km along the Zadrna river. From the north Czadrow boards with Kamienna Gora and from south it is directly connected to Krzeszow.

Czadrow is one of the oldest villages in the area of Kamienna Gora. We are positive that it had already existed in the second half of the XIII century. There is a document from 1292 year in which Swidnicki Prince Bolko I Surowy gave endowment to Cyster`s monks, and in this document Czadrow is also listed. From this moment Czadrow belong to Krzeszow`s Cyster`s monks and being situated right next to the monastery it was directly involved in its fortunes.

In the second half of the XIX century Czadrow started to become more of a town, especially its northern part Czadrowek which after the 1903 year was officially added to the area off Kamienna Gora.
After 1945 year Czadrow became an agricultural village but didn’t develop too well. But even though it was so close to town people decided not to migrate. There was only a few little places in the area that disappeared.

Czadrow is an agricultural village up until this day. Its infrastructure is also developing well. As the years go by there is more people moving in and there is more households.

67661From 2013 year Czadrow area has its own coat of arms. The coat of arms has its substantiation in history. It was made socially for the local people of Czadrow and Artur Kubieniec is the author and creator of it.

It was created with respect to the principle of heraldry. And that is why it has positive opinions among a broad group of people who are experts in this field. It is one of the most important aspects used to promote the area.

One of the most obvious relations to history that are shown in the coats of arms is its affiliation to the Cyster`s monks of Krzeszow which took place from 1296 to 1810 so as long as 500 years. One of the most popular reference to the Cyster`s symbolism is the use of chess -like beam of St. Bernard on a blue background which is also used in one of the other coats of arms from Krzeszow abbey.

There was another element added to it that had a more meaningful character to the town – as Czadrow after all wasn’t the only town that belong to Cyster`s. That element was taken from a traditional activity of local people which was weaving flax and it was the flax flower.

So the coat of arms is as follows:

There is a chess – like silver and red skew on a blue background in between a two silver flax flowers with golden insides.

I hope that this little description will familiarise you a little with our village. Do not hesitate to have a look at our website.